[News] Jay to star in Korean movie 'Happy Together'

Singer Jaebum is going to debut in Korea's screens with the movie 'Happy Together'.

On the 10th, Jaebum's company SidusHQ associate revealed, "Jaebum has decided to appear in 'Happy Together'". 'Happy Together' is a movie being produced by Daisy Entertainment, with director Ra Hee Chan, who had produced 'Leave when we're clapping', holding the megaphone.

This movie draws out the stories that happen when the leader of the top idol group leaves, and a Hongdae indie band member takes his place. Jaebum is appearing as a member of the idol group, and takes the character that goes through conflict with the new member from the indie band, but cooperates with him in the end.


The company official passed on, "We didn't stamp on the contract yet but we decided on the appearance in the movie. Effort is needed, as there are many mountains to be crossed, like the Korean script".

Jaebum, who is currently in America right now, is set to come back into the country soon, finish the deal, and focus on getting ready for the movie.

On the other hand, in 'Happy Together', the role of the member from the indie band that will be conflicting with Jaebum will be taken by Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Soo Ro as the company representative, and Park Si Yeon as the producer. 'Happy Together' will be starting filming at the end of December if it is to occur early.