[news] IU wearing a maid outfit makes her look like a doll

IU's photos has been uploaded on an internet site and has been attracting a lot of attention among netizesn.

In the photo, she can be seen wearing a maid outfit in a restaurant. It was taken last 23rd of November and they were filming for SBS "Heroes". In the filming, the members of the show were to operate a restaurant for one day and they greeted and served guests all day.

IU smiled warmly in the photo's and she even received orders from the guests kindly and did not hesitate to the fans who asked for her autographs. She even agreed to take pictures with fans and she did so with a smile and even showed a V sign. She is being called as "The next generation's National sister".

Netizens commented, "I wish she's my little sister", "Shes so beautiful", "She looks like a doll", "She such a good artists, I cant help but love her", showing hot reactions.

Meanwhile, In the show, the members run a restaurant for a day and the earnings will be donated to charity and the whole show will be aired on the 5th of December.

Source: Donga
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net