[news] HyunA's back-zipper pants and S-line become a hot issue

4minute's HyunA's exceptional S-line style has become a hot issue.

On the 24th in Seoul at the Lotte Hotel, the girls performed at the 2010 Korea Advertising Association's latest conference during a commemorative performance, where HyunA was the talk of the town. Wearing a cropped jacket, she nimbly showed her sexy hips, which were framed in stunning pants with lines on them, revealing a to-die-for S-line.

In particular, the sensually placed zipper, which was located on her butt, caused the eyes of all spectators to be transfixed on the area. Netizens who saw photos from the event said, "HyunA's style isn't being hidden anymore," "Those grey pants are so sexy on her," "Her style really stands out," among other hot responses.

Source: NATE
translation: its_matteo@4-minute.com