[News] Hyun Joong leaving for Guangzhou ASIAN Games’ Opening Ceremony 2010

Dubbed as the post Bae Yong-joon and who is receiving high amount of popularity overseas, Hanryu star Kim Hyunjoong has left the country on 9th November at 12.50 PM via Kimpo Airport.

Kim HyunJoong has expressed his determination as Korea’s representative for this time’s asian game opening ceremony while he held small talks with Y-STAR’s media press right before his departure, “I feel so honoured where I could partake in this matter to let people know about Korea”, “I’ve been practising very hard for the pronunciation of mandarin lyrics. I’ll be singing with a heart supporting our Republic Korea’s players in this game and then return soon”, as he said.

After Kim Hyunjoong completes his 2-day schedule in Tokyo Japan across 9th and 10th November, he will leave for China, Guangzhou on 11th.

The event to which Kim HyunJoong will be leaving for Guangzhou is none other than the ASEAN Games’ Opening Ceremony 2010.

Kim Hyunjoong received the invitation from the organizing committee of the 16th ASEAN Games to sing for its official theme song [Sunshine Again] during the final stage of shooting for [Playful Kiss].

After shooting for his drama ended, Kim Hyunjoong visited China Beijing secretly and carried out preparations for the opening ceremony stage along with the organizing committee people.
On the upcoming 12th, Kim Hyunjoong will be singing with 4 other representative singers for the 2010 Guangzhou Asean Game Opening Ceremony as they cheer on with all asian countries for this game.


Source: http://www.mediainnews.com/default/index_view_page.php?part_idx=19&idx=49463
Translated by: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com