[News] Han Sunhwa Admits "Through Camera Massage, I've Become Prettier"

[Seoul Newspaper NTN, Oh Young Ki Reporter] The girl group, Secrets' member Sunhwa, chose herself as the member that had been effected the most from receiving camera massage, and through that, has become prettier.
(Camera massage = like a facial treatment one gets from constantly being in the spotlight or from being filmed)

On the 'Invincible Youth' episode that was aired on the 5th of November, G7 members (Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, Kara Goo Hara, Tiara Hyomin, Secret Sunhwa, F(x) Victoria, After School Juyeon, Sori) took the time to pick a member that had become more prettier since the first time they met, a year ago.

Each member had received one vote each, after which Sunhwa revealed that she voted for herself. She honestly confessed, "When I first started 'Invincible Youth' I was a rookie who hadn't even had my debut performance, so I think the camera massage has had the most effect on me."

Narsha also expressed, "If you looked at the members who had come into 'Invincible youth' at that time, compared to the rest of the members who had already debuted and had lots of experience, Sunhwa hadn't even had her first performance, and as people would say, she was just a fresh rookie."

Also, reminiscing the moments of Sunhwa when 'Invincible Youth' first aired, Hara spoke out, "No matter how pretty you are, if you are a rookie, you just look like a country girl", spreading laughter on the set.

Some members opposed the result saying, "Sunhwa was more cute and prettier on the first day we met", and Kim Shinyoung created laughter by saying, "I can't see any effect the camera massage had on you. How have you gotten prettier?"

Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Youth’ Screen Capture

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