[News] Goo Hara and Narsha selected as changing the most in front of a guy.

On the Invincible youth aired on 5th, out of the G7 members (Narsha, Goo Hara, Hyomin, Sunhwa, Victoria, Jooyeon and Sori) they voted who changes the most in front of a guy.

Out of them, Goo Hara, Narsha and Sunhwa was selected as the 'finalists'.

Narsha said about Goo hara "With young age and cute appearance, she approaches a guy like a younger sister."

To this Goo hara replied "I was just trying to be nice by trying to make the male guest more comfortable in presence of only females"

When Kim Shin Young asked, "Then why didn't you look after Cheon Myung Hoon", Goo hara apologised.