[News] Fan's Petition for SungKyunKwan Scandal's Director's Cut

With "SungKyunKwan Scandal" coming to an end soon, the fans of the drama in Korea are now requesting for a director's cut DVD to be released. At present, there are plans to release the DVD as a normal version or a premium version where only the 20 episodes that have been aired will be included, plus some possible extras (probably no subtitles).

As it usually is in Korea, a Daum cafe has been set up for Korean fans to express their interest in buying the director's cut DVD if it was to become available. Fans leave their name and contact details - like a petition. At the moment, Korean fans have collected about 1,000 names or so already.

However, after a meeting between the Daum cafe administrators and the production company today, the latter has requested at least 3000 names for them to even consider making a director's cut DVD. If we don't gather enough people, there will be NO CHANCE for that DVD to be released. Therefore, we're trying to compile the names of people overseas who would be interested to buy.

For international fans, please go here: http://scandaldvd.wordpress.com
For those who understand Korean, you can go here: http://cafe.daum.net/scandaldvd

Thanks to tamaharuchan on Twitter for the heads-up!

Source: scandaldvd @ Daum and Wordpress
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