[NEWS] Do TaeYeon and JiSook look-alike?

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The debate on the Girl Group SNSD's member Taeyeon as the 'dopple-ganger' of Rainbow's Jisook has become a debate. 

From the past summer, a controversy started between the fans. There has been a tension between the fans saying opinions that SNSD's Taeyeon and Rainbow's Jisook have appearances that 'Look alike' or 'That is not true'. Without discussing this, SNSD fans have said that 'They do not look alike" when the Rainbow fans said that 'They look alike'.

It is true that out of the girl groups who are promoting as cute, lively and sweet concepts have similar visuals. Besides, although Jisook and Taeyeon are 'In charge of cuteness' in both groups, they might not look alike. 

Taeyeon and Jisook have a small face with a small visage, they respire a similar atmosphere of a good impression. They have recently appeared on the same music show and unfortunately they stood side by side, this appearance made the fans response more hot. 

"Where exactly do they look alike? They do not look alike." vs "They look more alike the more you look closely."

Meanwhile in Jisook's case, she is being compared to other female celebrities except Taeyeon. There are also opinions saying that her appearance is similar to the singer Wink and gag woman Jung Kyung Mi.

Source: Nate News
Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7