[news] Co-ed Hyo Young had a broken ankle, took 4 hours of surgery and needs 5 weeks to recover

Co-ed member Hyo Young had a broken ankle and underwent major surgery that took four hours and needs 5 weeks to recover and is now in a cast.

Core Content Media said on the 16th, "Hyo Young was in the hospital since the 14th due to her broken right ankle and the surgery went on for four hours".

He followed, "Hyo Young is currently receiving hospital treatments and after some time she will be able to go home. We still do not have an specifics in detail for the time she will be able to get home but for now she is in the hospital care."

He continued, "Including her right ankle, she had complete treatment until her right thigh. The recovery process is for a cast to heal the injury and it will take 5 weeks until the cast will be completely removed."

Hyo Young, who is currently in KBS "Jungle Fish 2" is having her schedule for filming adjusted due to the situation. An official said, "We met with the officials of the drama and we talked about the specifics of her next schedules, Since Hyo Young is acting in Jungle fish 2, there will be a delay of her filming and appearing in the show."

On the 14th of November, Hyo Young injured her right angle when she was coming down the stairs in the studio, her injury got worse and she had to undergo surgery.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net