[NEWS] The BOSS Karam faints after experiencing Stomach Pains before Japan Showcase

After the opening of the Japanese Showcase for the band on the 30th of October, The BOSS, Karam fainted and was taken to the Emergency Room due to suffering from enteritis*.

A representative of The BOSS' company, Open World Entertainment, reported that "Before the Showcase had started Karam had complained of stomach pains, but took painkillers and still continued to stand on the stage in hopes of holding a good concert for the fans."

They also said that "Karam does not want to disappoint the Japanese fans who attended the showcase" and "He is currently resting at the hospital, but we are watching as his recovery progresses"

Karam has been rested and discharged from the hospital now but it has now been broadcast on the Japanese News.

The BOSS are currently starring in the Japanese show "Made In BS Japan" and has accelerated their activities recently as they have been made regular guests.

Credit to Nate.com (News) & ☆Yaejin. @ AstroMAFIA for Translation

*Enteritis - This is inflammation of the small intestine.