[News] Athena Choi Siwon : "Happy to accomplish childhood dream as a National Intelligence Agent"

[TV Daily = Reporter Kim Jihyun] Group Super Junior member Choi Siwon expressed his thought about joining 'actor-dol'

On the 30 at 11AM at the Moogoonghwa Hall of Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjadong, Seoul , Choi Siwon attended the opening of SBS New Monday-Tuesday Drama "Athena : Goddess of War" (a.k.a ATHENA , script by Kim Hyunjoon, directed by Kim Yeongjoon), standing with Jung Woosung, Cha Seungwon, and other top actors.

"It's really trembling since it's my first real acting. However, the seniors taught me well and they treated me well so we got along fine" said Choi Siwon, conveying his thought of beginner acting.

"Every men would dream about being an agent while carrying a gun when they're young, but it's uncommon for this kind of role to happen. (So) I am happy that I can accomplish my childhood's dream through 'Athena' " said Choi Siwon.

On this day, being with his seniors made Choi Siwon showed a nervous appearance, making people smiled. There was no full-of-confidence image that he shows when he is on stage as Super Junior, and (instead) he showed a shy appearance, catching everyone's eyes.

First broadcast of Athena will be on the 13th of next month at 9.55PM

source : TVDAILY
translated by ☆★pinkninja @sj-world.net