[News] Asia's new spotlight F.cuz, coming back on 11/18

Asia’s new focus F.cuz, who debuted on January of this year, has finally decided to make a comeback in Korea on November 18th! Their new title song “Midnight Sun” is composed by the famous musician Kim Hyun Sik, who also composed the main theme for movie “My Sassy Girl”: “I Believe”. The lyrics was written by Freestyle, the original singers of Wilber Pan’s popular cover of ‘Y' in which he remade into "Bu De Bu Ai". With the two great musicians, F.cuz’s new song is being greatly anticipated.

Their comeback has been scheduled next Thursday on November 18th, and CAN&J ENTERTAINMENT have already released a set of teaser pictures that were shot last month. They have only revealed the four individual photo-shoot, the fresh, new fashion sense quickly attracted the discussions among the Korean fashion circle. As the Korean reporters are seeking to figure out the great stylist who F.cuz have been styled by for this new concept, the answer has finally been revealed. They found out that it is by the most famous Korean styling team, every single member of this team are all fashion editors for the different Korean International Fashion Magazine. Due to F.cuz getting the nick-name “MODELIDOL” (Model Idol-like Idol group) ever since their debut, this styling team has very positive comments about F.cuz. First set of teaser pictures have perfectly revealed each of the unique styles of F.cuz. Leader Jinon showed off his ripped arms, and Kan, who takes care of mostly dancing, has showed a bit of his abs that he has been working on. Main vocal Lee U and maknae Ye Jun showed somewhat a different fashion sense from their usual style.

Their title song “Midnight Sun” is Korea’s famous composer Kim Hyun Sik’s newest masterpiece. Kim Hyun Sik has very high status in Korea. One of his most known work is the theme “I Believe” from the move “My Sassy Girl”. Kim Hyun Sik’s pieces were always used by JYPE for Park Jin Young, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Sung Shi Kyung alike front-line singers’ title songs. The most recent one was Sung Shi Kyung and IU’s duet “It’s You”, which ranked first on music charts a few months ago. Therefore, looking at his high standards, it is very scarce for Kim Hyun Sik to work with a brand new idol group like F.cuz.

What is special is, Kim Hyun Sik was born a classical musician, and have always been famous for his emotional ballads. This time, working with the new idol group F.cuz, questions like what kind of sparks did they come up with, and what type of song he has come up with, have kept the fans highly anticipated. For the lyrics, they’re written by Free Style, a famous duo consists of two brothers, and when older brother Mino heard this specific instrumental by Kim Hyun Sik, he decided to fill in the sorrowful and depressing lyrics, distinguishing the song from the rest of the songs the typical idol group are promoting these days. Kicking away the auto-tune, and adding in the dramatic beats, the anticipation we have is all on the new F.cuz.

The 30 second teaser for “Midnight Sun” has been released on F.cuz’s official channel earlier today. F.cuz will be returning to stage on November 18th, which is next week, and their Korean album will also be released on the same day. The special Taiwan version will be released in early December. Please anticipations.

English Translation: MiMi@FCUZED
News Source: Woo.com.tw