[News] 2PM says "We're excited to debut in Japan!"

Beastly Idol 2PM arrives in Japan!!

"We're excited to debut in Japan!"

The average height: 181cm. The acrobatic performance coming from their flexible manly body generated a new word called "beastly idol" as soon as they made a debut in Korea in 2008. They also have a distinct skill as singers, and have topped all the charts of Korean music programs. Moreover, they've received many awards in Asian countries, getting the Asian No.1 title. Finally the boy group is coming to Japan!

Q. You are called "beastly idol". Do you like the nickname?

Taecyeon: Yes, very much. Now we can't imagine people call us with other names.

Q. What did you feel when you first heard about your Japan debut?

Wooyoung: Really surprised. I remember I got so excited when I heard the news. In Korea, it's our third year as a group, whereas in Japan we're newbies, so I don't think we can compare our position with where we are now in Korea. Like when we made a debut in Korea, we need to reset ourselves and set our mind as if we would start again!

Q. What was the hardest music video to shoot included in the debut DVD "Hottest"?

Junho: It'll be "Without U". The shooting day was so cold, but we had to get soaking wet dressed in summer clothes. I can bear with the tough task, but cannot bear with cold! However the music video turned out so cool, so I'm satisfied with it.

Q. Name your favorite track in the album "01:59PM".

Junsu: Out of all the 2PM songs, I like "Gimme the light" the most. The neo-soul style is very cool. 

Q. In Japan, "Cinderella's sister" went on the air as well. What's the highlight of 'actor Taecyeon'?

Taecyeon: I want viewers to see how a man with a sheer heart can do for a woman. I'm not so experienced as an actor yet, but I want to play different roles if I have a chance.

Q. Taecyeon, you catch and understand most of what we asked in Japanese. How do you learn Japanese?

Taecyeon: Oh. Actually I learnt through manga and animation. I like "Slam Dunk" especially (laugh).

Q. Is there any place you want to visit in Japan?

Nichkhun: The other day I went to Fukuoka when I took time off. The town was clean, and there were lots of delicious foods, so I liked it a lot. Each city has a different culture, so I'd like to visit various different places
in the future.

Chansung: I'd like to go to "Ippudo Ramen"!

Q. Actually it's in Fukuoka, the city Nichkhun said he liked.

Chansung: Then I'd like to visit Fukuoka (laugh).

Q. Lastly, please give a message to Japanese fans.

Junsu: 2PM goes across the sea; we are coming to Japan. I heard Japanese people highly value a passion for music as well as culture. We'll do our best not to disappoint you, so please support us!

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