[news] 2ne1's Park Bom is sick and has the flu

Today, 2ne1 performed in Music Core and fans have noticed that the member's sounded a bit tired especially for Bom.

2ne1's me2day Queen Dara updated her me2day post today saying "The soulful voice, main vocal, Bomㅠ Because of her serious flu, her voice... ...isn't coming out properlyㅠㅠ Still she determinedly said she would do the performance live anyways and pulled at my heartsrings~!ㅠㅠ...All the members caught a cold at the same time and got better but only Bom's got worst.. please give some strength to our Bom by telling her not to get too upset and to get well soon! Fighting!!!"

It seems CL, Bom and Minji all caught colds but Bom's cold got worse and turned into a flu, but despite being sick she still went up on stage and sang showing her strong fighting spirits.

I guess their schedule has been very hectic, I hope the members especially Bom get's better soon and I hope they get more rest!

Source: Dara's me2day
me2day Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net