[News] 2010 MAMA Voting Results released

Voting for this year's Mnet MAMA awards have concluded, with a total of 550,605 voters, in which more than 50% are from Korea. Analysis also shows that the biggest group of the voters are females in their 20s.

For the Best New Male Artist award, CN Blue gained 1st place with their song 'Love' with 46.8% of the votes. Following CN Blue is Seo In Gook with 'I Love You' at 2nd Place and Teen Top with 'Clap' at 3rd place.

For the Best New Female Artist award, Miss A tops with their hit song 'Bad Girl Good Girl', with 47% of the votes. Following behind is GN.A with 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live' at 2nd place and Rainbow with 'A' at 3rd place.

Meanwhile, the Best Male Group award goes to Super Junior with 'Bonamana'. They have 39.1% of the votes! Following is 2PM with 'Without You' and MBLAQ with 'Y' at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

On the other hand, the Best Female Group award is won by 2NE1 with their song 'Can't Nobody'. They fetched 38% of the votes, while 4Minutes fetched 16.7% of the votes with their song 'HUH', landing them at 2nd Place. Following behind 4Minute is KARA with their catchy song 'Lupin'.

Rain, who has recently been busy with his acting schedules, won the Best Solo Male Artist award with 'Love Song'. He gained 30.9% of the votes, while Taeyang fetched himself 23% of the votes with his song 'I'll Be There'. Following after at 3rd position is Se7en with 'Better Together'.

The Best Female Solo Artist award goes to BoA with 'Hurricane Venus'(32.7% of the votes), followed by Lee Hyori with 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'(23% of the votes) and Gummy with 'As a Man'(21.3%) at 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Best Solo Dance award goes to Rain with 'Love Song'(26% of the votes), followed by Taeyang with 'I'll Be There'(22.3% of the votes) and HyunAh with 'Change'(21.2% of votes) respectively.

Best Dance Performance by a Male Group was bagged by Super Junior with their hit song 'Bonamana'(37.9% of the Votes), followed by 2PM with 'I'll Be Back'(22.5% of the votes) and MBLAQ with 'Y' (16.3% of the votes) respectively.

On the other hand, the Best Dance Performance by a Female Group goes to 2NE1 with 'Can't Nobody'(31.1% of the votes). At 2nd position we have Miss A with 'Bad Girl Good Girl'(27.5% of the votes) followed by 4Minute with 'Huh'(15% of the votes).

Best Solo Vocal Performance is bagged by Gummy with 'As A Man'(30.1% of the votes), followed by K.Will with 'Miss, MIss and Miss'(24% of the votes) and Wheesung with 'I Thought to Marry'(17.6% of the votes) respectively.

Best Vocal Performance by a group is given to 2AM with 'Even if I Die, I can't Let You Go'(48% of the votes), with Davichi at 2nd place with 'Stop The Time'(15.9% of the votes) followed by 4MEN with 'I Can't'(13.8% of the votes).

FT Island bagged the Best Band Performance award with 'Love Love Love'(38.3% of the votes), followed by CN Blue with 'Love'(28.7% of the votes) and Hot Potato with 'Propose'(15.3% of the votes) respectively.

Epik High gets the Best Rap Performance award with 'Run'(29.3% of the votes), followed by Supreme Team with 'Dang Dang Dang'(27.1% of the votes) and DJ Doc with 'I'm Like This'(18.8% of the votes) respectively.

WGM Couple GaIn and Jo Kwon get the Best Collaboration award with their sweet song 'We Fell In Love'(39.5% of the votes), at 2nd Position we have IU and SeulOng with 'Nagging'(18.7% of the votes). Lastly, at 3rd position we have Homme with 'I Was Able To Eat Well'(17.9% of the votes).

Best Digital Single award is bagged by 2NE1's Park Bom with 'You and I'(36.5% Of the Votes), followed by Supreme Team's 'Then Then Then'(23.7% of the votes) and MC Mong with 'Sick Enough To Die'(17.2%of the votes).

Best Music Video award is given to 2NE1's 'Can't Nobody'(27.5% of the votes), followed by GaIn with 'Irreversible'(26.9%) and Epik High with 'Run'(16.9%).

The Shilla Asian Wave award is given to 2PM with 'I'll Be Back'(27% of the Votes). At 2nd Place we have KARA with 'Lupin' (22% of the votes) followed by CN Blue's 'Love'(21.2% of the votes).

Song Of The Year award is also bagged by Super Junior with their catchy song 'Bonamana' (34.6% of the votes) followed by 2PM 'I'll Be Back'(13.6% of the votes) and 2NE1 'Can't Nobody'(9.8% of the votes).

Artist of The Year is also bagged by Super Junior with 'Bonamana'(35.7% of the votes), followed by 2PM 'I'll Be Back'(13.2% of the votes) and 2NE1 'Can't Nobody'(10.2% of the votes).

However, many of the artists will not be attending this event because of their busy schedules and other year-end awards. Remember, these results will only count in 10%-30% of the calculation for the awards! Other factors include Record Sales, Digital Charts, and others.

Source: Voting Results of MAMA 2010