[ME2DAY] Compilation of Jay's pictures + captions of BIG4 Concert

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Nov 6th

The BIG4 concert was today, right? This is Jaebum and his bboy friends who made everyone cheer with their hot performance ^^ (I'll introduce them~ Clockwise from the person left of Jaebum - Jotee & Rookie & Ssak & Min)

Nov 8th
QUOTENovember 6th (Sat) <2010> This is Jaebum's, who had put up a passionate stage, appearance! We'll reveal the hot site that had made even the late fall cold forgettable... later ^^

QUOTEBeautiful girl~♪ Your heart thumps crazily even if you only listen to the intro, right? Jaebum, who made his first appearance with 'Count On Me'!

QUOTEDoesn't this picture make you feel like you're being sucked into the crowd?Super-sexy Jaebum who's singing 'Demon'~After showing a great bboying stage~ I can feel the warm gazes of the audience ^^Finished the performances well~ VLast picture of today.. [I love you guys ^ㅠ^]