[Info] SHINee's 1st Fan Party in Thailand 101122

SHINee successfully held their 1st Fan Party in Thailand on the 22nd of Nov.

They performed (in order) Ring Ding Dong, Replay, Quasimodo, Lucifer and Hello. SHINee danced for Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer while Jonghyun had to sit on a chair to sing due to his leg injury.

Before SHINee performed Quasimodo, they had a little interaction time with the Thailand fans and they had their own solo performances.

For the interaction time, SHINee made watermelon smoothies and the special thing is that they gave one cup of watermelon smoothie to 5 lucky fans.

Picture: truemin-insoul and sandba

For the Solo peformances (in order), Taemin performed Jennifer Lopez's Do it well, Jonghyun sang Lee Juk's Running in the sky, Onew sang Bee Gees' How deep is your love, Key sang Rihanna's Take a bow and Minho sang and rapped to Eun Ji Won's Moon Deuk.

After the solo performances, there was another Fan Interaction time. The game was called "teach SHINee to know love" where 5 chosen fans would write the word 'love' in Thai which is 'รัก' and SHINee would copy what the fans wrote and the paper with SHINee's writing would be given to the fans.

(The Lucky fan that got Taemin's writing)
Picture: @with2min

For the last section (after performing Hello), SHINee gave gifts similar to what they had in the Hello MV to the 5 lucky fans and the 5 lucky fans could also get a picture (polaraid) taken with a member. [Gifts: Taemin- Doll, Minho- Teddy Bear, Onew- bouquet of Flowers, Key- Ring and Jonghyun- Box of Something]

(Minho and the Teddy Bear)
Picture: truemin-insoul and sandba

(Taemin with Lucky Fan)
Picture: truemin-insoul and sandba

The Fan Party lasted about 2 hours.

Check out the performances here!
-currently only SHINee's solo perf-

I wrote this article based on the Fan Accounts i have read but i mashed it up and re-wrote it in order.
Credit: Liz@dkpnews
Fan Accounts: tombrady’s girl @wordpress, @iammayky
Videos: gyapower07/Guiboon/weareshining555 via Youtube