[Info] DNA nominated for Newcomer Award for Seoul Music Awards

Newcomer boy group The Boss, Dae Guk Nam Ah is nominated for the Newcomer award for Seoul Music Awards.
Their song, Tokyo Boy, was selected to represent the group. DGNA, along with Miss A, Teen Top, G.Na, and CN Blue and other newcomer groups/soloists are also nominated for this prestigious award. The Award ceremony will be held on 20th January 2011.

DGNA is currently fighting for the top place with CN Blue, and fans in Korea are trying their best to help DGNA maintain their spot. The award is influenced by the audience votes, and the voting is only open to Korean Residents.

Everyone, please support our dear DGNA for them to win this award. They certainly deserve this award, and let's support them with whatever resources we have. (Vote if you are in Korea, or spread this message if you are not)

The status of the voting can be found in this website. Click under "Standings" and then the middle link to see the current standings.


credits: www.enchantedna.com