[DKP Exclusive] KPOP SONG FEST in the Philippines

More than 1,300 Filipino, Korean and Kpop Fans attended the KPOP SONG FESTIVAL on November 13, 2010 (Saturday) .

The event was packed with joy from excited fans.

Following the rising trend of Kpop in Philippines, KFEST Team continued to present events that truly dedicated to all Kpop fans in the country. Bringing in the freshest and latest bits of KPOP, KPOP SONG FEST was one of the events that was successfully held.

KPOP SONG FEST is a pre-event for the upcoming big event on December 29, 2010 entitled "KPOP NATION".

On Saturday, Kpop Cover Groups and finalists for "I'M A KPOP STAR" battled it out. They've even get crowd stand from their seats as they performed. TOP 10 Finalists for "I'M A KPOP STAR" were chosen to compete on the final round in the KPOP NATION. Cover groups for KPOP NATION'S "DREAM COVER CONCERT" performed. What made the event more livelier is when the Kpop Fanboys went on stage and battled dancing to SNSD's songs. A total of 30 boys participated until one fan boy remained. They played SNSD's songs and surprisingly, the fan boys managed to dance to every tune of it (they really did know the dance steps!).

Q&A portion was also conducted. CD's and posters were given away as prizes.

In the event also, the upcoming Kpop Trio ONE S3T members Luis (Hyun),Min (Min) and Jacob (Jin) made a short appearance as they tease the Filipino fans of what they have. Each member sing a line of a song that roared the fans and made them crave for more.

The boys are set to debut at the KPOP NATION. ONE S3T covers songs from 2AM, AN JELL, JYJ and more. To know more of the boys please visit their official fan page at Facebook ONE S3T. ONE S3T became the judges for "I'M A KPOP STAR".

The event started at 1PM and lasted at 9PM. Fans didn't left as the last performer concluded the event.

The next big event KPOP NATION will be held on December 29, 2010. Where all these remarkable contests and performances will be concluded for this year. Let's hope more events for next year. For more info please head in here

Cover groups started to gain fans and supporters as they flag their banners whenever their Kpop cover group performed. Even it's a competition, Kpop Cover Groups build friendship towards other groups.

What made these kind of events more meaningful and special is the unbreakable unity and cooperation from KPOP fans. They proved that though we're not Koreans by blood, we can touch each other by heart as we shared same interests.

Quoted from KFEST Team, "It's not the contests nor the prizes. It's the friendship and unity among KPOP fans."

Here are the videos:




X-CREW (Super Junior- Bonamana)

I.Wonder (WG-Irony)+(Hyun-Ah)+(Girls On Top-BoA)

BLAQHart (Y-MBLAQ)+Lupin

Technicolor (A+Mach+NuAbo+Madonna+Breath)

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