101113 Music Core Performers List

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Episode 234
Show starts around 4:10 PM KST

♬ Hot Stage
- SNSD [Hoot]
- 2NE1 [It Hurts]

♬ Special Stage
- Kim Jang Hoon [Like Rain Like Music]
- VNT (ft. SHINee Minho) [Sound]

♬ Sound-holic
- Bobby Kim & Double K [You Aren't The Only One]
- Outsider (ft. LMNOP) [Hero]
- CoEd School [Bbiribbom Bberibbom]

♬ Love is...
- SG Wannabe [Sunflower]
- Supreme Team [Then Then Then]
- Beige (ft. December DK) [Falling In Love With A Friend]

♬ who is that GIRL?!
- Rainbow [A + Mach]
- Girls Day [Nothing Last Forever]

♬ 이별 후 愛
- V.O.S [내겐 네가 흘러서]
- 2AM [Like Crazy]
- December [Dazzling Tears]

♬ New Song
- Woo Joo (ft. Kim Mi Yeon) [Happy Together]
- Oh Won Bin (ft. BEG Miryo) [I Love You I Love You]
- GP Basic [I'll Be There]

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