[Video] Minho and Key as Sukira(KTR) DJs

Previously, we know that SHINee members Minho & Key will be radio DJs for one day in place of Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who has left for vacation for Sukira Radio.

Definitely, we would want to see their one day replacement.
They were cute, funny and really good DJs.
During the breaks, you can see them happily dancing & lip-syncing to most of the songs.
Diva Key also once again showed off his girl group dance powers by dancing Rainbow's A.
Check out the videos below for their DJ process. (There are 7 parts in total.)
[All of the videos are UNSUBBED]

Part 1/7:

Part 2/7:

Part 3/7:

Part 4/7:

Part 5/7:

Part 6/7:

Part 7/7 (end):

Credits: onewlikeoxygen @ YT