[Video] Gain on Chocolate Subbed

Gain was the featured star on Chocolate on the 24th October & fans sure are fast to provide subtitles for the videos. Interestingly, she performed Irreversible barefooted. After the performance there was an interview session and when the MC saw that Gain was barefooted, which was a really rare sight as female idols usually will not appear without their heels, the MC took off her heels as well. Receiving rounds of applause from the audience.

During the interview, Gain showed off the point of her dance. The MC also asked about Jokwon, a topic that will aways appear when we see either of the couple. The interview also included Gain's feelings on her solo activities.

She also performed the song "I Have A Man", changing the lyrics to the song, just for none other than Jokwon.
Watch the video here:

Credits: VeltizenBEG ,linda@dkpopnews.net
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