[Video] Does anyone still remember Yoogeun?

That's right people, the Yoogeun that accidentally attacked Jonghyun twice, Onew once, called Minho "this thing", got hit by Taemin's butt and is bias towards Key.

Although it's been quite sometime since the reality programme "Hello Baby Season 2" ended, we have seem Yoogeun on several occasions like the recent Chuseok MBC Sports Meet as well as an episode of Minho's "Let's Go Dream Team Season 2". But guess what, this little kid who reminds me of Hongki, Kangin & SHINee's Minho turn 3 Internationally & 4 in Korea yesterday on the 25th October!

I wonder if any SHINee members paid him a visit, but in the meantime, take a look at his birthday video. He really shouldnt reject his sister like this though. Well, enough of my babbering, enjoy the video!

Credit: fidottt, linda@dkpopnews.net