[Video] Chinese orchestra in Singapore plays a kpop medley

Singapore's Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese orchestra recently held their very own concert and showcased a kpop medley. In case you've never attended a Chinese Orchestra concert before, it is an ensemble with traditional chinese instruments such as the suona, ruan, guzheng, dizi, pipa, erhu, and many more. Isn't it amazing how they managed to use traditional instruments to play those kpop hits that we love?

Listen carefully and you might be able to catch some of your favourite tunes. SHINee's Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong, Super Junior's Bonamana, UKiss' Man Man Hani, I Go Crazy Because of you, Beast's Shock, Big Bang's Haruharu, FT Island's I Hope, Wonder Girl's Two different tears, Beast's Mystery, 4Minute's HuH, T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep, 2AM's Can't let you go even if I die, DBSK's I Believe, SNSD's Gee. Can you spot any other tunes?

Cr: NYPChineseOrchestra

What do you guys think of the medley? My personal favourites were Bigbang's Haru haru and FT Island's I Hope. How about yours?