[Twitter] Super Junior's Heechul creates laughter with his different-languaged tweets

While on vacations in the States, Super Junior's Heechul managed to spare some time to update his twitter. Through numerous tweets, Heechul managed to make his English/Chinese/Thai and Korean fans crack up. In the majority of his English tweets, he speaks in a cool 'gangster' tone.

I'm trying to learn English for my petalz. Plz understand my bebe english.
Whats LOL? Oh, the English I learnt at school is useless.

And then he soon figured out what 'LOL' actually means.

Laugh out loud ~ keke Is that it?
I'm at friend house~ so freaking fun~ That's right boys --
USA cartoon recommendation~ I speak gangster english. I learned a hella wrong one(-_-) lol.. But Its my style.
Have a good time~^-^

A few of his tweets were dedicated to his Chinese and Thai Petals as well (to those of you who are wondering what a Petal is, it's what Heechul's fans are called.)

我爱你~♥ I love you~
ผมรักคุณ~ I love you~

He's tweeting some more right now, so head over to his twitter and check his newest tweets out! I'm sure
you'll start laughing.

Heechul's twitter.