Support Crafts4Change's first ever SNSD's T-Shirt project!

Crafts4Change is a nonprofit volunteer organization whose goal is to support children both locally and internationally by engaging in creative activities. With the stifling competition in today's society, Crafts4Change aims to promote creativity and self-confidence through simple crafts. These crafts are simple in that they are fairly easy to learn but also provide children a unique way to connect with and emotionally aid others that are less fortunate.

Crafts4Change's mission is to promote international diversity and connection through the marketing of SNSD products. SNSD is an internationally renown Korean pop group, allowing Crafts4Change to connect fans and supporters around the world through music. All proceeds will be donated either to an international charity, such as Red Cross or UNICEF, or used to fund crafts-making sessions in lower-income districts.

The first project for Crafts4Change is SNSD T-shirts. However, we will expand to more products, such as sweaters, hats, calendars, pens, key chains, jewelry, in which all will be designed by the staff of Crafts4Change.

Please go to the link below to purchase their first ever SNSD's T Shirt project!