[Picture] Onew updates Me2DAY after Musical (With Translation)

Onew updated his me2day right after his Rock of Ages musical.
We can still see his hairstyle in the musical and from the background, he looks like he's in the make-up room.

Check out what Onew has updated!
그거 아세요? 제가 뮤지컬에서 ‘락’이 아니라 ‘라’를 외친다는 사실을…Hello! 야행성! 그리고 뮤지컬! 많이 사랑해 주시고요…올 연말도 거시기하게 보냅시다!!

Do u know that? I shouted out "la" instead of "rock" in the musical...Hello! Ya Haeng Sung! And Musical! Please love them all and...Let's spend the end of year happily!!

Support Onew in all these activities that he mentioned!
SHINee's Hello album! The MV will be out on 4 October!
Onew is an MC in the variety show, "Ya Haeng Sung/Nocturnal/Night Star" & support Onew's musical, "Rock of Ages"! The musical will be held from September 15th to October 30th.
Like what Onew said, let's Love them all!^^

Credits: Onew's me2day & Clara Onew Lee