[Picture] Dara's latest Me2day update!

와쌉?!?^.^ 이건 우리밖으로 탈출한 사자~! 포즈 ㅋㅋㅋ 우린 인기가요 대기중~ 잠시후면 생방송 시작!!! 그리고 오늘밤 개그콘서트랑 초콜렛 보세용~! 우리 나옵니다!^_^ ㅋㅋ유후~~!

Whassup?!?^.^ This is the "We are lions who have escaped from ourselves~!" pose ke ke ke We're currently waiting for Inkigayo~ After a little while it will be the start of the live broadcast!!! Also tonight please watch Gag Concert and Chocolate~! We'll be coming out! ^_^ Ke ke yoohoo~~!

Credits to YGladies.com