[Photo] Key updates Me2DAY with f(x) members

SHINee Key updates his me2Day today, posting a photo with 2 beautiful girls from f(x).
SM family once again shows how close they are.
Top: Key & Victoria(f(x))
Bottom: Sulli(f(x)) & Key

He also wrote a message:

[Key] 이 사진을 통해 비로소 내 친구들에게 난 부러울게 없는 남자의 아이콘이 되었다! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[Key] With this picture, for the first time I have become an icon of men who has nothing to be jealous of his friends about! Kekekekeke

Source: SHINee Me2Day
English translation: live laugh love @ Soompi