[News/Video] Lee Kikwang Confirms that he is a two-timer?... "I like Miss A and f(x)"

Group BEAST member Lee Kikwang confirms that he is a girl group two-timer?

Lee Kikwang appeared on KBS 2TV entertainment program "Happy Birthday" on the 18th and revealed "I like Miss A and f(x)" which caused some interest.

On this day, Yong Junhyung from BEAST appeared as a guest and replied to the question "Doesn't BEAST vote for the most popular girl group?" with "All they have to do is lie down. We like Miss A recently" causing laughter.

In addition, Lee Kikwang added "I like Miss A and F(x)" making the other guests reply with "Lee Kikwang is a two-timer style, huh?" making Lee Kikwang appear as a player.

In response, Lee Kikwang shook his head and strongly denied this accusation making all the guests laugh.

Watch the cut below

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