[News]February comeback for Zhang Li Yin?

Could SM Entertainment be preparing for another comeback?
A close source to Chinese soloist Zhang Li Yin says the singer recently received her next single to promote, and has already started practising for it. Promotions are expected to begin in February 2011, with 4 new songs – the release most likely being a mini-album. The album will be released in both China and Korea simultaneously. It is rumoured that Zhang Li Yin will then make a comeback in Korea, almost 5 years after her debut in 2006.
Besides the upcoming comeback, Liyin is also expected to attend the Anhui Huainan Celebrities Concert on November 20. Other guests include Kangta, JJ Lin, Yu Haoming and Penny Dai.
In anticipation of Liyin’s future album, songs that she recorded when she was only 11-years-old will be released by fans on a weekly basis. The first one that’s been released is called “No One,” originally sung by Elva Hsiao. What a stunning voice, even before she signed onto SM Entertainment!

Source: Baidu, Baidu
Credit: Chocolyn – Zhang Li Yin International
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