[News] Yesung, “Do idols feel competitive when they go into the musical industry?” Absolutely not!

Super Junior member Yesung talked about his thoughts about musicals on the media conference of “Spamalot” (Directed by David Swan, OD Music company and CJ Entertainment) on 1st October, 3pm, at the Korea Art Center.

Super Junior member Yesung’s role was a political farmer who later became known as Galahad, one of the knights of the round table. In the musicals ‘Nam Han San Sung’ and “Hong Gil Dong’, Yesung showed a fair bit of acting and singing, and with this production, there will definitely be a greater change.

When asked about ‘male idols doing musicals, will there be a sense of competition among the members?’, Yesung replied that, “There is no competition among us. The other members want to do musicals too. But I am choose those musicals in which interest me.” “Compared to having 100 hours of acting lessons, it would be better if we have 1 hour of practice among the actors.”

Yesung also said,” the role is not important, but the life experience that is gained. Just doing a musical once is really good.” “One do not have to be an idol. Any normal person can also participate in such musicals.”

The adaption of King Arthur and the knights of the round table in search of the Holy Grail was made into a comedy known as the “Knight of Ham.” (because there was this phrase in the play that goes, 'knights ate ham and jam and Spam a lot'). This musical has won the hearts of many, and has been very successful.

Debuting in 2005 on America New York’s Broadway, it has been showed 1575 times. The premiere for the musical “Knights of Ham” (Spamalot), will start at Korea Art Center on the 28th of September and end on the 2nd of January next year, putting an end to the 3 month long musical.

Source:TV Daily
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