[News] Yang Dong Geun would mimic Kara's choreography when in service

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  • Girls' Generation.. Kara.. all huge..
  • We would watch weekends' music shows without fail.
  • I thought actors would be different…
  • Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Won, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jin Wook,..
  • Yang Dong Geun would go so far as
  • to mimic the choreography!!
  • He isn't that talkative usually!
  • (Enthusiastically)KARA!!

Tony Ahn of former HOT, who was recently discharged from military service, disclosed actor Yang Dong Geun's military life.
In MBC's 'Golden fishery ground - the knee guru' broadcasted on 6th, Tony Ahn revealed his military life with fellow entertainer soldiers.

MC Kang Ho Dong asked him "Are Girls' Generation worshiped as goddesses by the soldiers?" and he answered that "Kara, as well as Girls' Generation, are huge too."

He added that "We would watch the music shows on weekends without fail," and that "I thought actors would be different, but Gong Yoo, Kim Jae won, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jin Wook would all watch them together with us, all screaming."

In particular, he drew laughter from the watchers of the show by disclosing that "Yang Dong Geun would go so far as to mimic Kara's chreography."

Meanwhile, that day's 'Golden fishery ground - radio star' featured actors Ahn Jung Hoon, Kim Min Hee, and Lee In Hye.

Translated by lvalue@Karaholic
Source: Review Star