[NEWS] Why YG didn't rush Big Bang's Comeback

On a recent episode of BigbangTV on Mnet, G-Dragon was seen in the recording studio with YG CEO and Teddy. It has been revealed that the group is currently preparing for their Korean comeback with G-Dragon hinting that they have already chosen 18 possible tracks for the release. The only problem is they need to get BIGBANG together first and wait for the rest of the members (who had individual activities + Chuseok holidays) to return.

Furthermore, YG President Yang Hyunseok also speaks out on why they didn’t rush BIGBANG’s comeback saying "Jiyong has been producing a lot of songs. Many fans are complaining why they don’t come out. Everyone in BIGBANG thinks that it doesn’t matter when it drops. What matters most is “HOW” it is going to be dropped."

Translated by & Credit: TeamBigBang
Written By OHKPOP (iloveohkpop.wordpress.com)