[news] whatbecomes: 'Tablo Wins, so take back the lawsuit'

After receiving death threats, he intends to cut ties with Korea and leave Chicago

We interviewed Mr. Kim Mo, the creator of TaJinYo who is also known as “whatbecomes”, at a small family restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago from October 9th to the 10th. Kim is looking out of the window as he explains his standpoint on the 2nd session on the 10th. “I wish my homeland did not have any people with faked academic records. Many truthful people are living earnestly. But those who forge degrees from big-name schools are hurting honest young people. For the sake of Korea’s future, this must stop.”

Mr. Kim Mo, 56, the manager of Tajinyo, the cafe that submitted the lawsuit accusing Tablo of forging his academic records, has been revealed as the person behind the ID “whatbecomes”, but says that those who have been talking about the rumors of Tajinyo and himself are the real trolls.

When Kim’s resideny in Chicago became known, both Korea and the Korean society in Chicago became curious about him.

The Chicago JoongAng Daily interviewed Kim one-on-one at a small family restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago on the 9th and 10th.

Kim, who was the owner of a small business in Korea until his late 20s, said of his current mental state that he is “indifferent but complicated. I will acknowledge Tablo’s records as much as the police and the television program.”

He continued to say “I will not request any more proof from Tablo. If this was a contest then Tablo must be so happy to be the winner. I want him to cancel the lawsuit. I will give up managing the cafe and leave, as the loser. Tablo wins.”

He also said, “If Tablo was distressed because of me then he should be as happy as the police’s acknowledgement of his records. I plan to leave Chicago.”

To the members of the Tajinyo cafe, he said “We might meet again someday. It was the honor of my life to meet the members. It would be an honor to have them remember me. Please think of me as a passing breeze.”

“The matter of the possibility that a powerful protector is trying to cover up the truth”

To the citizens of Korea, he said “For the sake of our country this type of academic forgery must disappear. As a non-profit cafe, Tajinyo has no connection to money. It was not made to gain profit” and that “it had to be done for the sake of our descendants.”

“I took it as my mission to make a truthful Korea. Because of the results I will stop taking interest in Korea’s affairs. I will cut my ties and leave for some other place,” he said.

Of his fellow manager he said “ ‘Black Truth’ was the one who first made it. I was the second manager but he left it to me when he went to the army” and that “because the cafe is the members’, talk of buying and selling is ridiculous. There will be a new manager on the 22nd. Members are intellectuals that range from 20 to 50 years of age, students studying abroad, etc. that want to reveal academic forgery.”

Kim said that he and the members were being called trolls and the proprietors of a troll site, and that the rumors saying he was going to sell the site were false, and that when he leaves talk of Tablo will die down.

He went on to say that “there is currently a power protecting Tablo” and that “in Korean society now there are a lot of forged academic records. I think that some person with a lot of power is trying to cover this up. This group couldn’t bear to see further exhibition of investigation by netizens.”

About his ID, Kim said “this is an ID that I made 2 years ago. It’s just that I borrowed a friend’s Korean citizen number since mine got cancelled when I became an American citizen. That friend was jailed a month ago due to customs violation. It is not true that I used a jailed friend’s ID.”

He said “Record forgers are making it harder for those who do the work, and it makes me worry” and that “it is hard just to get into a big-name school. The high tuition, living costs, books and other costs are an investment that forgers negate by cheating, and this kind of thing needs to be eliminated from Korea.”

He also said that “every day I get thousands of comments and hundreds of mails, some saying “I will kill you. I will go to Chicago and shoot you.” These are the real trolls. Those trying to reveal the truth are not the trolls. Because of these people my family is having a hard time. Now I will put it behind me and move forward.”

Lastly, he said “Congratulations Tablo. Tablo sued 7 people. 2 are from Tajinyo. The rest are not. As the winner you should cancel the lawsuit and resolve this through words.”"

translation: Janet @ mapthesoul.com
original: news.joins.com