[news] What song do you want 2ne1 to sing in Starry Night Radio?

Queen of me2day updated her me2day today, check out her update:

와쌉?!?^.^오늘은 닥본사할게 많은날~!많은건 아니지만 우리한텐 많은편이죠 그죠?!일주일 한번 방송이던 때도 있었자나요!ㅋ오늘은 6시에 투애니원 티비 하는날~!꺄~ 기대되!!!!!!!ㅠㅠ그리고 열시엔 라디오 별밤 고고싱~! 캬~ 오늘은 과연 어떤 노래를???^_^

Whassup?!?^.^ Today is the day with lots of things to watch live~! Well it's not a lot but it's a lot for us, right?! We're the ones who only appeared on shows once a week! Ke Today's the day that 2NE1 TV plays at 6PM~ Excited!!!!!!!ㅠㅠ Also at 10, go go go to PKL's Starry Night~! Kya~ Today, which song will we do??? ^_^

english trans by: Gee @ YGladies

Im pretty excited about todays episode of 2ne1 tv, they will show the rest of 2ne1's adventure in LA, also in their guesting tonight, What do you want them to sing? I think i want to hear Love is ouch!