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In the showbiz business nowadays, people are replaced very swiftly and the expiry date of fame is very short. It is possible that you will be replaced by the latecomers tomorrow. However, no matter where their ways are heading to, it is still very memorable to record the moments they are sparkling brightly. Sina Entertainment website is here to lead you with us to trace back the road leading to success and move you with it.

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Our weekly star this week is the new renown band: CNBLUE. They are the juniors of the Flower boy band FTIsland. That’s why they are entrusted with great expectation. They do meet our expectation to gain high popularity. They have started their plan to develop their career in the overseas market. Although they are still young, the fruitful future has already laid ahead before them.

2010 The Most Popular New Boy Band

CNBLUE was the new band under the management of F&C Music/AI Entertainment. The company had great expectation and ambition on promoting them, the members are Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk and Lee Jungshin. They debuted at the very beginning of this year and released their first album [Bluetory] in January with their first song [The Loner] garnering first spots of many music charts. Then they released their second mini album [Bluelove].

The title song [Love] depicts the dream of the youngsters at ages from ten something to twenty something. Therefore, this song was very popular as well. At the same time, the members have also started other activities besides doing music, they can be said to ‘have blossomed in the showbiz’. At the end of July, the concerts for their first concert were sold out in just 1 minute and they have scheduled to promote overseas as well. They had left their footprints in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and so on.

CNBLUE and FTIsland are under the same label, they are both labeled as ‘Flower Boys Band’ so they are said to be the second FTIsland. CNBLUE is the abbreviation of Code Name Blue which is set when their company president was thinking about some passwords. Among them, Lee Jonghyun represents Burning, Kang Minhyuk represents Lovely and Lee Jungshin is Untouchable. The reasons why CNBLUE can gain so much popularity not only because they have good voices but also because they have good looks. However, they think that their looks do weaken them and want to gain support by their music in the future.

Frustrations and loneliness are valuable assets

Immediately upon (the company) announcing their debut, leader Jung Yonghwa participated in the drama [You Are Beautiful] and at that time, the three other members were in Japan. Minhyuk recalled, ’ since leader was not there, we had to overcome many difficulties by ourselves. When we look back again, those hard days now all channeled into meaningful and deep memory.’

They are different from other idol groups, CNBLUE rarely communicate with fans through the Internet. Although they are the spokesperson of mobile phones, they do not have phones themselves. If we use their words, they have to restrict themselves in many aspects of their lives at this stage in order to focus on enhancing the quality of their music and becoming mature in dealing with personal relationship. If they reach the stage when they can self-discipline themselves well, they will communicate with the fans more, like through twitter.

Their debut song [The Loner] has gained high popularity but they were also criticized with plagiarism which really made them very tired. ‘ No matter what, that was a piece of experience that we cannot buy with money. After that, we would work more hard producing music. And we have also learned how to deal with emergent situations through this incident.’

Ever since they released their first mini album [Now & Never] in Japan on August 19th 2009, they have released two mini albums, 1 albums and several digital singles so far in Japan. To them, Japan is not only an overseas market but also the place where they started their career. At the beginning, they gave performances in the clubs of Japan. Such experiences are very important to the new singers which also explain why once they debut and stand on the stage, they show that they are very veteran singers in fact.

Four people, 4 colors. The colorful CNBLUE

When asked about the first impression that they gave each other, Jong Yonghwa started speaking first. ‘Minhyuk was wearing his school uniform which made him really look like a model student. Jonghyun was a very frank Busan youth, he just looked like he went to Seoul just for fun. And for Jungshin…ah…he was very scary.’ (Laugh)

Taking up the role of guitarist, vocal and leader, Jung Yonghwa does not only need to maintain a harmonious relationship among the members in the team, he has to adjust the music style they are making too since the music and bands each of them like are different from each other. Up till now, there are no complaints lodged by the members about the differences. This can be ascribed to their mutual respect as well as the mediation by Jung Yonghwa.

Jung Yonghwa has been taking roles of singer, MC and actor and he has done well in all aspects. He can be said to be very famous before the debut of CNBLUE which to a large extent can be attributed to the drama he has taken part in, [You are Beautiful]. Besides music activities, he has also been active in variety shows for he has formed a couple with SNSD’s Seohyun in [We Got Married]. This couple is envied by so many people. And since the group is on the track of their success, Jung Yong hwa has also started planning his solo activities. We really anticipate the date when he perform solo on the stage.

Jonghyun loves Japanese pop music very much and he loves the group, Bump of Chicken the most. Besides music, he is also a very good athlete of Judo although he looked like a weak boy. He had been practicing Judo in his secondary schooling stage. However, since he has a tighter and tighter schedule, he does not have time to practice Judo anymore. When he was exhausted by work, the supplies from his mother would revitalize him.

Coming into contact with Bass through his friends, Jungshin has never thought that he would be a member of a band and enter the showbiz. We have to note that when the audition process was undergoing, he was noticed since he chose to rap the song of iTYM. (Teddy’s rap). He was switched from the ‘rap’ boy to the band, although he does think it is difficult, there are more funny incidents than the sad things. He is a boy who loves fashion. He is not only very serious to the clothes he wears, he also does have a requirement for his ideal girls, ‘Comparing to skirts, I like girls who wear skinny jeans, just like Shin Min Ah.’

The Maknae of CNBLUE, Minhyuk is also an MC of a music program besides making his music. He is the youngest in the group so he received a lot of love and care from others. Since he is the drum player, he does not have much chances to be seen in the performances. At the beginning, he resented it. ‘However, when I watched the videos of the debut stages of FTIsland, I think I am lucky now. (Laugh).’ He has also taken part in the MV of Orange Caramel (a sub-group of Afterschool). He only received this news 2 days before he had to film the MV, he was not so confident at all but he received good response afterward.


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