[News] The UN Invites Lee Min Ho to the Charity Event in Japan

Actor Lee Min Ho was invited by the UN to attend the charity event in Japan.

Lee Min Ho will attend the upcoming “Love & Peace UN’s Friend Asia-Pacific Global Peace & Love in Tokyo 2010″ event on November 11th as a representative of Korea.

So far, there have only been famous singers of the nation to participate in the event for a concert, but this is the first time having an actor himself for the opening of the event.

This international event is conducted by the UN, and CNR Media and its partner, Yamaha Music, will be hosting the event. A representative stated, “Last July, idol groups such as Big Bang, B2ST, and famous Japanese singers participated in the UN Peace Summer Festival, and Shin Seung Hun will be a benefit for the international charity event as the finale of the concert.”

This event will help the children who were affected by the big earthquake in Haiti and South America, including Chile’s disastrous earthquake. The title of the event is “friendship” and will spread the meaning of the title.

The United Nations’ International event in the Asia The children with the big earthquake in Haiti, and South America, including Chile’s earthquake disaster to help event as a “friendship” progressed title meaning.

A representative of Lee Min Ho stated, “Lee Min Ho holds an honest, healthy image for Asia. We are very happy to be a part of this meaningful event.”

Lee Min Ho stated, “I’m very honored to help the UN with the charity event. I ask for everyone’s warmth and encouragement, and also be a part of this event.”

Original Source: news.nate.com
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World