[News] U-kiss Eli's surgery went well

U-Kiss member Eli who fractured his wrist during his practice was now alright and can resume his activities soon as his surgery gone well.

On 19th, U-Kiss agency told Asia economics sports today "Eli's surgery has ended." and "The operation went well. The doctor in charged has done his best
to minimize the scar. Several weeks are needed for a full recovery. Eli's greed for U-KISS promotional activities is very big, it will be likely that he will return to his
normal schedules. He will be using a special equipment to protect his wrist while moving on with the activities. If Eli feels the pain due to the surgery, we will ask him to completely stop doing his activities." they added.

Eli was immediately taken to the emergency room after he fell and hurt his wrist while doing a dance practice.the result showed that Eli had a fractured wrist and
damaged ligament which required surgery. He underwent for a surgery this morning 19th of October 2010, and is currently in a recovery state.

Source : Gokpop