[News] Suwon seeks Kara's help in entering the final 6

Suwon Samsung [football club] once again seeks Kara's help now that its calculated possibility of entering the 6-team playoff is slim.

Suwon announced on Oct 5 that Kara were to open its K-league match against Jeonnam Dragons on Oct 9 by kicking off the balls. They are also to perform a mini concert at halftime.

Suwon is currently at 7th position with 31 points from 9 wins, 4 draws, and 10 defeats but to close the 7 point gap between Jeonbuk Hyundai (with 38 points) at 6th position, it must win nearly all the remaining matches. Their already having played one more match than Jeonbuk makes the situation worse. So they are determined to win 3 points by winning this match with Kara's help.

Kara have already opened one of its matches against its arch-rival FC Seoul on Aug 28 and their kicking balls and performance at halftime then were heartily welcomed from 42,377 fans. Cheering from male fans in particular almost made it a concert.

Suwon won the game by 4-2, thereby giving Kara a new nickname "Goddesses of Victory at 'Big Bird' [Suwon's home football field]". From then on, numerous fans of Suwon have petitioned for their additional appearances, and Kara's happily agreeing on it upon hearing the petitions resulted in this visit.

A few select kids in their first or second year at elementary school will have the luck to grab Kara's hands. Those applicable can apply for "Kara escort kids selection" competition at the team's homepage. The chosen 5 of them will enter the ground holding Kara's hands and they will have the prestige to take pictures with the girls after they have opened the game by kicking the balls.

Translated by lvalue@Karaholic
Source: joynews24 via nate.com