[News] Super Junior Heechul's talk at alma mater Sangji University.. warmly welcomed by 300

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul delivered a lecture in front of more than 300 students at his alma mater. According to an aide on the 30th, Heechul paid a visit to the Sangji University on the 29th, and had delivered a talk to the students.

Heechul had graduated in 2008 from the 2nd class of Sangji University’s Computer Data Informatics Department, and he was invited to deliver a talk under the “Alumni Mentoring Talk” (programme).

Kim Heechul’s aide told Money Today Star News that “the first and second levels were completely filled by about 300 students, to the extent that there were people who remained standing because of the lack of seats.

The atmosphere at the hall was very hot.”
He also said that “There are students who meticulously jotted down the contents of their senior Kim Heechul’s speech, and there were exchange students from China who came for the talk as well”, and that “I heard that there is one exchange student from China who is a huge fan of Heechul, and came to Sangji University because it was Heechul’s alma mater.”

The aide also mentioned that throughout the talk that lasted about an hour, aside from displaying a passionate appearance, Heechul also showed off his characteristic humour. He also candidly talked about his life to his juniors, starting from his childhood, to his schooling life, and later as a celebrity.
On that day, Heechul advised his juniors that “Rather than thinking about the people around you as your competitors, think of yourself as your own rival instead”, and “abandon the thoughts of wanting to beat the other people, carry yourself with confidence, and if you want to have a calm life, drop your pride and feelings of inferiority.”

After the talk had ended, he said that “I didn’t know that it’s already time to go, rather, I think that I’ve learned a lot of things” and that “it was a meaningful experience”.
The officials of Sangji University said that “based on the students’ standards, Kim Heechul had delivered an eye-opening and fun talk”.

Source: MT Star News
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