[news] SNSD vs. 2ne1 this November, who will emerge victorious?

SNSD and 2ne1, two of the strongest girl groups will battle it out with each other this November.

Considered one of the most popular girl group in Korea, SNSD will be releasing their third mini album "Hoot" this 27th of October. It has been 7 months since their last album release in Korea. They released their 2nd album repacked last March and they have debuted in Japan after they will be releasing their 2nd Japanese single this 20th of October promoting in both Korea and Japan at the same time.

SNSD made a surprising announcement of their comeback with their "Hoot" mini album release, now 2ne1 has been fiercely dominating the industry.

2ne1 released their first full album on the 9th of September announcing 3 title songs "cant nobody", "go away" and "clap your hands", So far they have won 4 times in a row in SBS "Inkigayo" and in mnet "M!countdown" also winning 3 times in a row in KBS "Music Bank". they have been leading in the music industry with their new album.

2ne1 will be continuing to promote their 1st full album this November and they are expected to have follow up promotions.

2ne1's agency said, "We will be promoting follow up songs this November however we have not reached a final decision yet on which songs to perform next. We will try our best to give different songs to offer to the fans. We will be continuing 2ne1's promotions this November."

July last year, SNSD and 2ne1 also came head to head with 2ne1's "I dont care" and SNSD's "Genie". 2ne1 won for 5 weeks in a row in KBS "Music Bank" with I dont care".

SNSD debuted in 2007 and have been successful in their career. 2ne1 are receiving much attention despite being rookies and debuted only last 2009. 2ne1 first released "fire" as a digital single then released "I dont care" in their first mini album and they have been successful since.

This year, 2 of the most popular girl group's in Korea will be promoting at the same time once again. 2ne1 has been sweeping awards taking over the "rookie awards" last year, they have emerged to be strong competition to SNSD.

Both groups have different personalties and charms and a lot of fans are looking forward to SNSD and 2ne1. Their meeting on stage once again have become a huge attraction to fans and seems to be the biggest event this fall.

Source: Starnews
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net