[News] SM Artistes Invited to MAMA

According to reports, Mnet's yearly Mnet Asia Music Award(MAMA) is confirmed to be held on the 28the Nov at Macau's Venetian Hotel's famous Cotai Arena - A location that can hold 15000 fans, many famous stars have performed there including Lady Gaga & Beyonce.

On the 28th October, Mnet held a press conference regarding this year's MAMA, during the press conference, they said " We have the intention to hold our award ceremony in America within 5 year's time, just like how their music have been infused into Asia."

MAMA's executive director Kim Ki Woong also mentioned " We are planning to hold this activity at different countries every year, starting from Macau. We will create a stage for all Asian singers to reunite on"

However no matter what good intentions Mnet has about MAMA, both fans and netizens have their doubts on this controversy as to whether SM artistes will attend MAMA, and why did Mnet plan to organize a week long activity instead of one that lasts a few days. This is a problem for both the artistes as well as the public broadcasting companies KBS, MBC, SBS as they have to adjust their time slots to accommodate to this one week long music program.

Mnet clarified stating their apologies towards the public broadcasting companies regarding their choice, in reply he also said "Honestly, we welcome the public broadcasting company's articles and reports. We have been supportive from the start but the reason we're holding the event on a Sunday is because of several controversies regarding us. Holding the event at any other time is impossible.

At the same time, regarding our invitation to famous idol groups like Girls' Generation, Super Junior and f(x) to this year's MAMA's possibility, Mnet states : We are trying our best to have a negotiation with SM, we will not give up untill the last moment, we plan to have a negotiation with SM using a positive attitude. The opening ceremony of this MAMA is not only about Mnet, it is an event where all the Asia artistes will be able to unite at.

Park Kwang Won also mentioned " This is a decision that SM have to make, we have opened our doors to them."

He continues saying " We have a lot of artistes would be able to participate, we have extended our invitations to all entertainment companies. We will not lose hope towards the artistes participation, even until the day of the event, we will still be waiting for a reply."

When asked what made them decide to hold MAMA in Macau at this period, Mnet explains saying " They are open the the different cultures and have the infrastructure to hold a big scale event. We chose Macau to be a place where all Asian artistes will be able to share and communicate with the fans. Since Korean music has been leading the music industry, we have reasons to believe that holding MAMA at Macau will attract more fans."

Looking at the reactions of how Hallyu Wave has been received, this is the time to walk out of Korea to have a music exchange with the other Asian countries. We will do out best to hold a grand ceremony, to allow our culture to be shared with Asia as well as countries all over the world.

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