[News] Simon D & Lee KiKwang as 'Stocking Brothers'?

[Newsen Lee Sooyeon Reporter]

Supreme Team’s Simon D (Ssam D) and BEAST’s Lee Kikwang faced embarrassment as the stocking brothers.

In the ‘Hot Brothers’ episode broadcasted on the 10th, the brothers got to leave for the beautiful island Saipan for a variety program training.

On this episode, the brothers were given a mission titled ‘Amazon’s Laughter’ and it was their job to give laughter to the native people of the island. For this mission, Simon D and Lee Kikwang turned into the “stocking brothers.”

The two people put on the female stocking on their heads and started to talk in a stupid fashion giving laughter to others. In particular, Simon D started to rap and also put on sunglasses causing even more laughter. To this, the other brothers said, “This is more than enough,” being pleased in Simon D and Lee Kikwang.
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I hope he doesnt regret this.