[news] SHINee's Taemin's Ideal Type is Jung Siah

On the latest recording of KBS 2TV's "Happy Birthday", Taemin said, "I look at a girl's personality before her appearance" and "My ideal type is a girl who's like a sunflower, always looking at me." MC Lee Soogeun asked which cast member was closest to his ideal type. Taemin chose Jung Siah, the wife of Baek Yoonshik's son, Baek Dobin. He revealed, "It's nice to see her praising her husband and being so proud of him, which shows that she sincerely loves him.

Then Key of SHINee picked Big Mama Lee Hyejung as his ideal type. He stated, "I like how she is confident and how she takes care of herself dilligently. MC Lee Kyungkyu made everyone burst into after by adding, "The ways that idols avoid scandals are quite diverse."

The show will air on November 11th at 11:15PM.

T/N 1: The sunflower reference is used since sunflowers only look at the sun.
Saying someone is a sunflower means that person only looks at you.

T/N 2: MC Kyungkyu makes that comment because Jung Siah is married.
Big Mama Lee Hyejung is not from the quartet, but a famous Korean chef.
I think she's 55 years old. SHINee avoids scandals with... married women and grandmothers?!

Source: Nate
Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net