[news] SHINee's Key and Taemin to be special MC's on Music Core

SHINee members Key and Taemin will be MC's for a day at this week's episode of Music Core.

It has been announced by MBC that on the 16th of October, Taemin and Key will be the special MC's. Despite Key's recent injury from the concert in Indonesia, he is well enough to proceed his MC duties.

SHINee's agency said on the 14th due to the over crowding, Key and JongHyun was injured while they were getting off the stage at the Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship concert. However, they have already gotten enough rest and are recovering fast. Fortunately, the other three members did not get injured and are in a healthy condition.

However, With JongHyun's injured ankle, they will still check if he will be able enough to continue promotions with SHINee with "hello".

Source: newsen
Credits: blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net