[News] SHINee Minho Appeared In SNSD Gee Once Again!

The Japanese Version of Gee Would be released Tomorrow but it has already been released in Japan.
Fans have taken screencaps of it and it was proven that, once again, SHINee Minho was in it!

Here, check out this photo below!

Gee gee gee gee baby baby~~~

日本語版MV解禁~!みんな大人の女性になったなぁという印象でした(一番成長してたのはミノくんだけどね。笑) 日本語の発音だと声が幼く聴こえるかも。どうやったって原曲のかわいさは越えられないと思ってるので、これはこれで楽しむ♪ 

Gee 일본어판 MV 해금~! 모두 어른의 여성이 됐다는 인상이었습니다(제일 성정한 건 미노군이지만 웃음)

Cr: soompi