[News] Ryeowook Entering the army?

Gagman Yoon Hyungbin's blistering remark towards singer Beige is garnering attention.

On KBS2 "Gag Concert-Bongsoongah School" which aired on the 17th, Wang Biho (Yoon Hyungbin) pointed to Beige who was in the audience and mentioned the song "When Falling in love with a Friend" which features Super Junior Ryeowook.

Then, Wang Biho embarrassed Beige by saying, "previously, when you released 'Jijiri,' Junjin and Lee Siyoung appeared in the music video and broke up. Now, Ryeowook's entering the army, right?"

Source:Sisa Seoul
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

note from the translator:

Of course, Ryeowook's not going to enter the army anytime soon. But, I guess people are checking to see if that's true because his name, along with "Ryeowook army" are in real time search ranking in Naver right now. This is in part due to newspaper reporters writing their article titles as if Ryeowook's really entering the army to draw people to read their articles -__-

I think the gagman wanted to point out that when Jijiri was released, "everybody" broke up.. so as Beige and Wookie (of course he's kidding)