[NEWS] Ryeo Wook to be enlisted soon?

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On October 17th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘Gag Concert,’ gagman Wang Biho returned to tease more celebrities, focusing this time on the girls of miss A as well as on female solo artist, Beige.
He first began with Beige, joking, “I think you picked your name wrong. When I search your name on portal sites, the results show objects that are beige color.”

Wang Biho then told her that she carries around a jinx: “In the past, you filmed your ‘Jijiri‘ MV with Lee Si Young and Jun Jin. The two, who were a couple back then, soon broke up. Now recently, you filmed a MV with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. I heard that Ryeowook is going to be enlisted…?”
SM Entertainment played down the fear of fans afterwards by assuring that Wang Biho was just cracking a joke and rumors of Ryeowook joining the army were unfounded.

Remember folks, Wang Biho’s teases are just for laughs.

Source: New Daily (no link-back)

Luckily this is just a joke,heaved a huge sigh of relief!!!