[News] The Reason why Supernova Sungje cried in Sebakwi.

Hallyu Star, Supernova’s Sungje reminisce their activities in Japan and even shed tears.

Sungje was one of the guest in October 2 episode of Quiz that Change the World (Sebakwi) and told their story during their hard times in Japan.

Sungje said, “At first, it was difficult in Japan. Other artists are doing well even in overseas. We’re not well known in Korea.” He confessed and even shed some tears.

Sungje was trying to hold his tears during the conversation but he can’t hold it anymore.
The panels encouraged the sad Sungje and even cheered him up.

Geonil added, the appeared as a guest to SG Wanna Be’s concert in Japan and some Japanese staffs suggested that they work in Japan. “I was grateful enough that I cried.” He proudly revealed.

Meanwhile, Sungje danced to the tune of girl group songs, Push Push by Sistar and Madonna by Secret that drew laughter to the show.

credit: Newsen
translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH

Credit : pui0422 @ YouTube